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Although I had not many holidays in Nepal, I performed at least thirty hours in Namaste Nepali Language Institute, Jyatha, Thamel, Kathmandu. First of all I would like to express my heart felt wishes about many years of Nepali Language learning wishes because myself Iím a volunteer worker from Franc to Nepal, I had to perform different types of volunteer projects in many villages like Mustang. On behalf of France to Nepal, I first came to get just information about this language and after passing two days immediately I started my lessons two hours per day for one month. Teacher firstly used to adopt conversational procedure then written method. From my individual point of view too, these procedures will be benefited for you people too because being foreigners even to greet in simple language might get difficulty in village. So that in my knowledge to adopt these two ways of learning procedures are very helpful in language learning. Performing conjugations of Nepali Verbs could be very very important for us. I hope you people will also conduct Nepali Learning ways in this way at Namaste Nepali Language Institute. Thanks a lot in advance.

Malicka, Joanna
17th August 2012

After learning Nepali language, I am very proud of this Institute because, I am very satisfied. Although I do not have many days of holidays to learn Nepali language, I was able to fulfill may requirements in learning different Nepali vocabularies as well as forms of Nepali conjugation. Really I found satisfied myself. That is why I recommend to you friends to learn at Namaste Nepali Language Institute. Just go and make inquiries there.

Robert Whadcock
26 July 2007

My Name is Pan. I have learnt Nepali language there even if I do not have many days to stay in Nepal because our holidays are going to finish. I found learning Nepali language is very interesting to talk with Nepali people. I would like to advice you to contact there to join course.

Yiu Pan Lam
1st July 2007

I am Wendy. I am Chinese. I like Nepali language to talk with Nepali friends. I love Nepalese people. I learnt there in pleasant environment with friendly manner. Teacher is very honest and experienced. She expressed us many conjugation forms in easy ways which helped us to grasp quickly. Thatís why I was able to understand easily Nepali language. I would like to recommend for you to be a good student after learning by her.

Wendy Fok
1st July 2007

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